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Book A Class Or Activity Online

YMCA Members can book the swim, fitness, relaxation, aqua classes, group workouts and other activities using our online bookings service.

Please read and agree to the terms & conditions stated below before booking online.

Want to book on the go?

A mobile booking service is also available using our Mobile App available for iPhone and Android mobile phones and tablets. Download the app by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store and searching YMCA Y:Active Lifestyles. Alternatively, you click on the links below or scan the QR code.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions regarding bookings, cancellations and refunds. All booking confirmations will also provide a link back to this page. Policies are subject to change and can be reviewed and implemented at any time.

Experiencing Problems Logging In?

If you experience problems logging into online bookings through this website or through the mobile app please try the following steps:

  • Make sure the email you are using is the same email address we have registered in your member account. Check with a member of your reception team on your next visit. Double check your PIN number at the same time too.
  • Use the PIN number provided to you by YMCA at the time of joining.
  • If your email address is used on more than one member ship account e.g. your partner’s please speak with a member of the reception team on your next visit.
  • If you have previously logged into the mobile app using the incorrect details you may need to ‘logout from bookings’ through the ‘i’ symbol in the top right of the app screen and then log back in using the correct details.

And, if you are unsure about anything at all just ask a member of the team.

Rules And Regulations Of Online Booking Service Including Mobile Booking Service

  • Access to this service is available to YMCA customers (members) who hold a valid, full annual or monthly direct debit membership including: Y:Adult, Y:Teen, Y:Family, Y:Aqua.
  • Discount Card scheme customers including, Fylde and Wyre Access Cards can continue to access advance bookings where applicable via reception or telephone.
  • In order to make online bookings members will need access to or the YMCA Y:Active Lifestyles Mobile App. This requires them to have a valid email address to login with a valid YMCA Membership Account and PIN number (initially supplied by YMCA).
  • If any payment is required, booking is only confirmed when you pay in full for your activity at the time of booking. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment and booking. Please ensure we have your correct email details.
  • Members can make online fitness class bookings up to 7 days in advance (after 10pm).
  • To register attendance and gain entry into a pre-booked class or activity the member is required to swipe their YMCA membership card at the centre reception. This is essential and in adherence to health and safety requirements. Please allow sufficient time to swipe during busy times.


  • Where a class or activity is not included in the membership package or time band allowance the member shall be responsible for the payment and any other charges to do with the booking.
  • The member shall not assign or sub-let the right to their booking privileges and must only take up booking privileges for their own use.
  • Full payment will be taken at the time of booking for all activities via major credit cards or debit cards supported by World Pay.
  • The payment needs to be taken at the time of booking to validate the booking.
  • The price will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Cancellation Of Booking By Customer And Refunds

  • Members should cancel their booking using the online, mobile app bookings system, via phone or in person.
  • Members must cancel their booking more than 2 hours in advance of the start time of the class or activity to allow time for reception teams to contact any Waiting Lists. Please note full refunds of any additional charges will only be given where a booking has been cancelled with at least 48 hours’ notice ahead of the booking start time. The payment will be refunded directly to the credit or debit card through the YMCA Central Office. The member will be required to provide the web booking reference number from the original booking confirmation email. Refunds will be coordinated by your reception team at any YMCA centre.
  • No refund of membership fees will be made if a class or activity booking is cancelled by the member.

Class Etiquette

  • Check In: Please check in for all classes at reception upon arrival
  • New Clients: Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first class and advise the instructor you are new so they can provide enough support to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Beat the Clock: Be on time to the class; late arrivals will not be permitted. Whilst we understand outside circumstances may occasionally interfere with arriving on time, this policy is in place for your safety and other participant’s enjoyment.
  • Studio Entry: Please only enter the studio after the previous class is finished.
  • Belongings: We recommend you use a locker provided, these take a £1 coin which is returned at the end of your locker use. We can not be held responsible for any items you bring with you into the studio. This includes property loss, theft or damage.
  • Mobile Phones: Please ensure phones are off or on silent.
  • Stay Hydrated: Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, also have a towel for your own personal use.

Failure To Attend

Failure to attend any class/activity previously booked, or if a class is not cancelled (a no-show) or cancelled with less than 2 hours notice (for 3 times or more in any one-month period), the customer may lose their advance booking rights for a period up to 7 days across all centres.

Cancellation Of Booking By Centre

  • YMCA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking without giving any reason, to refuse admission to the centre, to reject an application for membership and to withdraw membership.
  • YMCA can add to, change, withdraw or cancel facilities or activities from the centre without notice. This includes closing a centre or changes to its opening hours for safety reasons, maintenance or special events.
  • Members who book and pay online will be entitled to a full refund of any additional charges if the centre withdraws the facility, class or activity. The payment will be refunded directly to the credit or debit card through the YMCA Central Office. The member will be required to provide the web booking reference number from the original booking confirmation email. Refunds will be co-ordinated by your reception team at any YMCA centre.
  • No refund of membership fees will be made if a facility, class or activity booking is cancelled by the centre.
  • The centre will not be liable for any other expenditure incurred or loss sustained by the customer arising from the booking online or cancellation.
  • We are committed to meeting the highest standards of service in everything we do and this includes our activity programmes. We think of you as part of the YMCA family and we know how important routine is, especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Finding cover for our classes can be difficult at times due to instructor holidays and sickness, especially when our instructors are as good as they are. We simply have the best! We endeavour where possible to find temporary replacements and cover for our classes of equally good standard. However, sometimes this may not be possible. On occasions such as this, we would like to let you know that cancelling a class or activity is not what we want to do. We want to ensure that your fitness routine is not affected and that you stay on track to achieve your fitness goals. Therefore, on occasion, our cover policy of instructor-led classes may mean that a class is temporarily covered with a virtual class (if available). Additionally, the class required to be covered may not have a virtual alternative. If this is the case, a virtual class may be played that is not the same as the advertised timetable.

Data Protection Act

YMCA Fylde Coast is a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998. We hold information for the purposes specified in our notification made to the information commissioner. We may get information about you from others, or we may give information to them. If we do, it will only be as the law permits. For more information about your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 please visit Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Your Comments, Suggestions And Complaints

YMCA Fylde Coast and our partners are committed to meeting the highest standards of customer service throughout our facilities and programmes. In order to continually improve our services we welcome your feedback. Should you wish to provide any comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints please use our online contact forms or alternatively our online feedback system. You can find all of our company registration details below.

Company Registration Details

Registration Name: Fylde Coast YMCA

Place of Registration: Companies House, Cardiff

Registered Office Address;
Unit 2, Olympic Court
Boardmans Way
Whitehills Business Park

Principal Address;
Poulton Community Centre
Parrys Way
Breck Road

Registered Number: 3685477

Contact Telephone: 01253 895115

Contact Email:

Access to YMCA Online Bookings Service

YMCA Online Bookings Service is a real-time bookings service powered by Gladstone Plus 2. The link below will take you through to their partner website.

Please read and agree to the terms & conditions stated above before booking online.

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