Swimfit Programmes


The Swimfit sessions offer you an effective alternative way to exercising and if you want to lose weight, improve your swimming techniques or focus your training and your goals – Swimfit is definitely for you.

Swimfit is designed to keep you motivated by offering a varied programme of structured Swimfit workouts in a training group environment. Improve your distance, time, technique and knowledge with an enthusiastic, fully qualified fitness team.

Plus Swimfit is a challenging programme for advanced swimmers also.

What is Swimfit?

Swimfit is the official programme devised by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and their team of experts to help you get more out of your swimming sessions by offering specially designed workouts for you to follow in the water.

We’ve now built this ASA programme into our swimming programmes at Fleetwood YMCA(temporarily closed pool) Poulton YMCA (temporarily closed pool), Garstang YMCA (temporarily closed pool), Rural Splash YMCA Kirkham and St Annes YMCA Pool & Gym and included it in our Y:Adult Memberships and our Y:Aqua memberships!

How can I take part in Swimfit?

There are 2 ways for members and non-members to participate in the Swimfit Programme.

1. You can attend one of the timetabled Swimfit sessions where you will be joined by other participants and a YMCA Swimfit Coach, much like a class or group session. The coach will work with you to understand your goals and help you choose the appropriate level and programme to follow. The coach will then assist you with your swimming technique, breathing and elements of your programme to ensure you enjoy it and make the most of your session.

2. You can also pick up a programme card from the side of the pools on your next visit. The programme cards are waterproofed so you can take it to the pool side and refer to is as you work through the programme. Pick up a programme card today!

Junior Swimfit

Due to the success of the Adults Swimfit programme, Fleetwood YMCA have introduced a Junior Swimfit class (temporarily unavailable). The class follows the same programme as the adults, with adjustments made to meet the juniors needs.

The junior Swimfit sessions offer your child the opportunity to improve swimming strokes and technique with the instruction of our fully qualified Swimfit teacher. All included in the Y:Youth membership

Swimming works all the major muscle groups in the body and is therefore a great way for children to stay fit and healthy.

When & Where?

Junior Swimfit takes place at Fleetwood YMCA, Tuesday 5.30pm – 6:00pm and Thursday 6:00pm – 6.30pm – Temporarily unavailable

Did you know? Just 30 minutes swimming burns 200 – 350 calories. Try Swimfit today!