Manage Your Membership

Change Your Details

If your personal details have changed it is important to let us know so that we can still get in touch. And you can now keep your details and marketing preferences up to date yourself in your online account.

Before you access your online account, you will need to use the email address which is currently held on our system along with your unique PIN number (the same you use to make online bookings). Contact your centre for details.

Renewing Your Membership

Renewing your membership is easy.

If you pay for your annual membership up front and it is due to expire, simply click the link below. Alternatively, visit or call your nearest YMCA Health and Fitness Centre.

Membership Terms & Conditions

All of our terms and conditions are displayed below. They are also printed on our membership joining forms.

Memberships Paid for Annually
Persons wishing to become members must complete a membership form. Annual memberships attract a discounted rate, therefore if you decide to terminate this membership early you will not be entitled to a refund. (This does not affect your statutory rights).

Memberships Paid by Monthly Direct Debit
Persons wishing to pay monthly, by direct debit must pay 1 month pro rata upfront on joining (unless otherwise stated). Direct Debits will be taken out of the member’s account on or just after the 1st of each month at the agreed rate. A current direct debit must be in place at all times to keep the membership in operation. Direct Debit prices may be subject to change.

Membership Cards
The membership card remains the property of YMCA Fylde Coast and is non-transferable to any other person. The membership card must be used by the registered member only. Members must present the card at reception on each visit before using the facilities. Any loss of a membership card must be reported to a centre’s reception immediately. A replacement card will be issued at a cost of £1. Membership cards must be returned to YMCA Fylde Coast if a membership is cancelled or a cost of £1 will be incurred.

All Memberships
If a member does not attend the facilities having purchased a membership they will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. Members will only be permitted to use the facilities provided that their membership is current and any membership fees are not in arrears (outstanding). Memberships are non-transferable and may be reviewed or discontinued on renewal.

Membership Upgrades / Downgrades
An upgrade or a downgrade of any membership type is at the discretion of YMCA Fylde Coast. All monthly memberships requiring an upgrade or downgrade must complete a new membership application form. Please note all direct debits are taken out of the member’s account at the beginning/middle of each month. To downgrade a direct debit membership, YMCA Fylde Coast require 15 days’ notice in writing. Annual Memberships will not be downgraded.

Change of Details
YMCA Fylde Coast must be notified of any changes from the original membership application form at the earliest possible opportunity. Proof of sickness must be submitted (i.e. Doctor’s note). A membership will not be backdated on hearsay.

Direct Debit Cancellation Notice and Refunds
Members wishing to cancel their membership should contact their nearest YMCA Fylde Coast centre in writing at least 15 days before their next direct debit is due. The YMCA Fylde Coast is under no obligation to refund a membership fee for any reason. The YMCA Fylde Coast may refuse to renew the membership for any reason. It is the member’s responsibility to cancel their direct debit with their bank. No direct debit money shall be backdated or returned to members due to the member’s non-compliance with the terms set out above.

Classes and Use of Equipment
The member must not use any equipment unless they are satisfied that they are competent to do so safely and properly. YMCA Fylde Coast reserves the right to cancel or suspend memberships at any time if a member does not adhere to the safe and proper use of equipment.

Members can pre-book most classes online, by mobile or in person up to 7 days in advance. At least 2 hours’ notice must be given for the cancellation of any bookings, however, classes with limited availability have longer cancellation times. Please check at the time of booking.

Failure to attend any class/facility previously booked, or if a class is not cancelled (a no-show) or cancelled with less than 2 hours notice (for 3 times or more in any one-month period), the customer may lose their advance booking rights for a period up to 7 days across all centres.

For additional terms and conditions visit Online and Mobile Bookings.

Data Processing

YMCA Fylde Coast takes your privacy seriously. We only use your data to administer your membership, we do not share or sell your information to third parties. When you become a YMCA Fylde Coast member or renew your membership with YMCA Fylde Coast, you agree to the use of your personal data for administering your membership and for us to contact you with the information relevant to your membership (For example: renewal notices; policy and price changes; and class booking terms and conditions). We will only retain your data for as long as we need to administer your membership. For more information on how we process your information, please read our full privacy notice.

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