Alan's Story

“Everyone is always so happy to help, give advice and help you achieve your goals”

Alan Clark

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I started using YMCA in January 2013 having rarely done any exercise for the majority of my life. I was nervous at first, but the friendly and helpful staff soon put my mind at ease. I signed up to several classes to try and find ones that would suit me. Of all the classes that I tried I found some that I enjoyed, but found hard in my present fitness state. As well as some which I knew were giving me a good workout and enjoyable and which I knew I could handle. But what I liked most about trying the classes was I could just book in and then give it a go. The instructors always make you feel welcome and help out as much as you need, without disrupting the class. I also enjoy the way there is a wide variety of people who use the classes/gym, of all shapes and sizes, so I don’t feel out of place. Fair enough due to injury I haven’t been able to get to the gym for a couple of months but once better, will definitely be back to shift the extra pounds I have put on whilst side-lined.

But the best thing about using the YMCA is the staff. From the moment you walk in the door to book in to all the instructors. Everyone is always so happy to help, give advice and help you achieve your goals.

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