YMCA Kirkham Update January 2023

YMCA Kirkham

YMCA Kirkham Update – January 2023


We appreciate that the continued closure of YMCA Kirkham is a source of frustration for everyone who relied on the facility for pool and gym provision in the area.


During late summer, YMCA commissioned a team of building and design professionals, including architects, structural engineers and consultants to complete a full tender package for the reinstatement of the facility roof. This tender package allowed us to then invite contractors to submit schemes of works and costings to carry out the repair. At the same time, we were continuing to speak with our insurers to ensure the approach we were taking was compliant with our policy and provided them with all the information required for the claim. All information is now in the hands of the insurers and we continue to push for a resolution to the claim. Unfortunately, until this resolution has been reached, it is not possible to provide any significant update.


There were some works carried out prior to Christmas and this was centred around stabilising the building with a steel frame to allow the bulk of the scaffolding to be removed and for the footpath to the front of the building to be cleared.


We do understand the frustration of our members and apologise for the timescales which are far lengthier than we ever imagined them to be. We are keen to share information with our members and the wider community as soon as we are able.

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