Release Your Inner Spartan!


With more and more of us switching to functional training, there is no better place to start than the home of the Spartan Rig – YMCA Thornton.

Join other budding Spartans in mastering and conquering the rig, adding a whole new dimension to your gym experience.

With multiple stations integrated into the equipment, the Spartan Rig offers a programme of motivational group personal training sessions. This versatile functional equipment provides the setting for a new social, energised dynamic, designed to keep you interested and focused with exercises modified to your personal fitness levels.

The fitness experts at YMCA Thornton are now bringing to you: The Spartan Challenge! 

The challenge is simple – Complete 50 Spartan classes! As a reward you will be issued with a Spartan T-shirt, making you an official member of the YMCA Thornton Spartan team.

There are 5 Spartan Commandments that must be obeyed throughout the challenge:

  • Complete 50 spartan classes including at least 2 super spartans*
  • Ask your fitness experts to sign and date your card after each class (ask the gym team for your spartan card)
  • There is a maximum of 4 entries per week
  • All challenge cards must be completed by 25th Dec 2015
  • You must complete at least one of each kind of spartan class

Spartan classes include: Low Impact, Cardio, Tone, Abs, H.I.I.T, Strength and Events Training. See YMCA Thornton timetables for all class times.

*Look out for the monthly Super Spartan classes to help you fill up your challenge card.

The question is – ARE YOU SPARTAN ENOUGH?






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