Louise's Story

Louise YMCA Y:Active Member

“I became healthier, fitter and 7 stone lighter”

Louise Darbyshire

Age: 40
Membership: Y:Active Gold Member

My journey began in January 2012. I was approaching my 40th birthday, a smoker and “medically obese” at nearly 18 stone. I could say I had a reality check. I don’t know what caused me to look at myself, but myself and my partner realised that we could not sustain our existing lifestyle.

We decided without much drama to give up smoking and embark on a fitness programme with the YMCA.

During 2012, we used the gym, pool and cardio classes. I became healthier, fitter and 7 stone lighter. I also became so much more confident that attending the classes and the gym became a social occasion. I have made so many new friends whose stories are truly inspirational.

It can feel like an unreachable goal but I am living proof that it can be done and it can be an enjoyable and sociable experience.

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