In a Spin at YMCA St Annes and YMCA Lytham

YMCA St Annes and YMCA Lytham on St Albans Road and Mythop Road respectively are excited with their new investment from the YMCA into local community health and fitness.

In addition to the purchase of 50 new state of the art Schwinn AC Performance spinning bikes, the £75k investment includes modernisation of the studio’s lighting and sound systems. The investment will allow both centres to further enhance their class timetable and provide an authentic riding experience.

Not only this, but customers will be able to utilise a new digital fitness tracking experience within the centre through a new interactive app specifically designed for group indoor cycling. The app called “Motosumo” tracks your performance in relation to heart rate, cadence and power through a combination of interactive wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity.

Kevin Monaghan, General Manager at YMCA St Annes said, “We hope you will agree that the investments at both centres are an exciting new addition to the centres’ timetables. The addition of 25 new spinning bikes to each centre will add to the customer experience, creating more opportunity for people to enjoy our class timetables at YMCA St Annes and Lytham. We urge the local community to make full use of the facilities on offer.

Bryce Foden, General Manager at YMCA Lytham added, “As a charity, we continue to use a mixed funding model including membership fees to ensure we continue to provide a great experience that will inspire all members of the community to get active with us.”

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