An update on YMCA Kirkham

YMCA Kirkham

Our aim has always been to keep you informed with any significant updates regarding YMCA Kirkham and your membership.

Consultancy with our contractors and insurers has been ongoing since high winds caused damage to the infrastructure and the roof at YMCA Kirkham.

We are pleased to say that we are moving forward with the design and build of a new roof section at YMCA Kirkham. We are also taking the opportunity to complete further works to improve the centre’s changing rooms, shower areas and reception area. This includes enhancements to the lighting in the pool hall and changing rooms.

Your Membership

Following on from our last update (sent 7th December 2021)

  • If you are paying for your membership by direct debit, you do not need to cancel. Your account has been automatically frozen during the closure and will activate again once we reopen.
  • If you have paid for an annual membership, we will extend it by the length of time the centre is closed (dated from Sunday 5th December 2021)
  • If you have paid for a short-term membership, we will extend it by the length of time the centre is closed (dated from Sunday 5th December 2021)

Those paying by direct debit will be credited for December. This credit will be applied when the centre reopens.

You can of course still choose to use one of our other YMCA centres across the Fylde Coast whilst YMCA Kirkham remains closed. If you have chosen this option or do choose this option in the future, it will mean you will reactivate your YMCA membership and payments are no longer frozen.

If you would like to reactivate your membership, please either contact the centre(s) you would like to use, or email us on This is a simple process and can be completed easily and quickly when you visit the centre you wish to use.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you informed on any significant updates via email and the YMCA Y:Active website as the project at YMCA Kirkham continues to progress.

We thank you for your patience, dedication, and continued support.

Kindest Regards

YMCA Fylde Coast

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