Joy's Momenta Journey

Joy Peters

“I have tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World but Momenta is the only thing that has worked for me”

Joy Peters

Age: Doesn’t matter 😉
Membership: YMCA Member

Over the years Joy Peters had fallen into the yo-yo diet trap, losing weight for a couple of months and then putting it all back on.

Following her recovery from a serious back injury, Joy took up full membership of YMCA and she’s been attending Aqua Aerobics at YMCA Fleetwood three times a week. During one of her visits to the centre she spotted the Momenta banner and after a chat with Fran, a Momenta Lifestyle Coach, Joy enrolled onto the programme and she hasn’t looked back.

Joy Peters Before MomentaAt the beginning of Joy’s (pictured left) Momenta journey she weighed 17 stone 5 pounds. Nine weeks in she had lost 20 lbs! Four months on Joy is now 15 ½ stone and feeling better than ever (pictured above in August 2014).

Joy explained: “When slip ups have occurred in the past with other diets I’ve done, I put a lot of the weight back on! But during the Momenta sessions we discuss the different aspects of food, exercise and the psychology behind a healthy lifestyle. I have tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World but Momenta is the only thing that has worked for me”.

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