YMCA Gym Facilities

The Latest Kit

All 8 state-of-the-art fitness studio are powered by LifeFitness with a wide range of cardio, resistance, weights and functional training equipment. Working together with our partners, over £1 million has been invested into fitness studios and new digital experiences at YMCA Lytham, YMCA Fleetwood, YMCA Poulton, YMCA Thornton, YMCA Garstang, YMCA St Annes and YMCA St Annes Pool & Gym.

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Functional Training – Synrgy/Spartan Rig

Supercharge Your Workout – Inside YMCA St Annes, YMCA Poulton, YMCA Fleetwood, YMCA Lytham, YMCA Garstang and YMCA Thornton, the latest state of the art Synrgy and Spartan functional training systems.

These exciting new additions bring a whole new dimension to the gym experience. With multiple stations integrated into the equipment, YMCA can now offer a programme of motivational group personal training sessions. This versatile functional equipment provides the setting for a new social, energised dynamic, designed to keep you interested and focused with exercises modified to your personal fitness levels.

Small group functional training sessions are held daily on the Spartan (YMCA Thornton) and Synrgy (YMCA St Annes, YMCA Poulton, YMCA Fleetwood, YMCA Garstang & YMCA Lytham) training systems. See Timetables for session times.

LFConnect – Powered by Life Fitness

Now you can really connect with workout. LFConnect web and mobile app technology means every aspect of your cardio and resistance workout including calories burned, distance and reps and be recorded to your personal profile. See results, track your progress and achieve your potential at home via lfconnect.com, in the gym and on the go.

CV Equipment powered by Life Fitness

All of our fitness studios offer a wide range of Life Fitness cardio equipment.

We have recently introduced the latest generation of Life Fitness equipment into the completely refurbished gyms at  YMCA Fleetwood, YMCA St Annes, YMCA St Annes Pool & Gym, YMCA Thornton, YMCA Lytham, YMCA Garstang and YMCA Poulton. With everything you expect plus brand new Power Mills and Flex Striders and all with the new digital fitness experience (LFConnect).

InLifescapetroducing NEW Lifescape where the world is your workout. Gone are the days of pounding a treadmill, staring at a wall! Immerse yourself. Cycle in France’s Col de la Colombiere or run through California’s Trinity Mountains. Available at YMCA Garstang, YMCA Lytham, YMCA St Annes, YMCA St Annes Pool & Gym, YMCA Thornton, YMCA Fleetwood and YMCA Poulton.

Resistance Machines powered by Life Fitness

Strengthen, tone and sculpt your body with the assistance of state-of-the-art resistance machines inside all YMCA gyms.

Resistance machines are designed to help strengthen specific muscle groups and are ideal for beginners. With a wide range of machines throughout YMCA gyms, you will be able to target every area of the body.

New plate-loaded iso-lateral machines at YMCA St Annes, YMCA Thornton, YMCA Lytham, YMCA Garstang and YMCA Poulton now add something new with the sense and feeling of a free weights session, whilst keeping the stability and control of regular resistance machines.

Free Weights powered by Life Fitness and Hammer Strength

Dedicated space in each YMCA gym means you can make the most of our extensive selection of free weights, including dumbells, Smith Machines, Dual Action Pulleys and barbells. Types of equipment differs at each centre.

YMCA St Annes is a official Hammer Strength Performance Suite.

Y:Teen Gym (Ages 14 – 15)

Available in all YMCA gyms, these designated sessions offer teens the opportunity to workout on the latest cardio and functional training equipment with friends and with our instructors on hand to ensure safety first.

Junior gym sessions are FREE to all Y:Teen and Y:Youth Members or just £4.50 for non members. See our Youth and Teen Memberships for more information on how you could become a Y:Teen or Y:Youth member.

For all Y:Teen Gym times see Timetables.

IFI Inclusive Fitness

YMCA Fleetwood in partnership with Wyre Council and the Lofthouse Foundation has recently been awarded Level 1 of the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) Fitness Mark. More of our centres are currently working towards this standard.

The IFI accreditation means that our fitness staff at YMCA Fleetwood have received specialist training to assist them to better serve people with differing disabilities in the fitness environment. YMCA Fleetwood has also invested in specialist IFI standard training equipment and adaptations to areas including accessible toilet and changing facilities with a hoist and a functional level of access into the fitness studio.