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Michelle’s Story

Michelle YMCA Y:Active Member

“The YMCA enables me to keep healthy and exercise regularly due to the fantastic facilities provided for my children”

Michelle Butler

Age: 34
Membership: Y:Active Family Member

Michelle joined YMCA in 2010, leaving another gym because of the crèche services and range of activities her children can participate in with YMCA. Both children started off in the crèche and moved up to the Little Stars football and multi-sports sessions at Thornton YMCA, getting their active time while Michelle gets hers.

Michelle Said:

“The YMCA enables me to keep […]

Catherine’s Story

“I will be fitter and more healthy at my next birthday (55) than i was 20 years ago”

Catherine Martins

Age: 54
Membership: Y:Active Gold Member

I am a YMCA Gold Member. After body fat measurements and other assessments along with the encouragement from YMCA gym staff, i have lost a stone in weight. I am still losing the weight and getting fitter. I will be fitter and more healthy at my next birthday (55) than i was 20 years ago at the age of 35 […]

Tony’s Story

Tony YMCA Y:Active Member

“The staff are highly qualified and go the extra mile to make sure your training stays on track. Nothing is ever too much trouble”

Tony Eardley

Age: 60
Membership: Y:Active Gold Member

I have spent most of my life working behind a desk and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles. I’ve tried numerous different gyms in the past but never really stuck to a routine. A year ago I decided to change my lifestyle by stopping smoking and starting to run. To help improve my fitness and assist my running […]

Kathleen’s Story

“I can’t recommend it enough”

Jean Muir

Age: 60
Membership: Y:Active Gold Member

At 58.5 I made myself a promise that by the time I got to 60 I wanted to look and feel the best I could be for a woman of my age. I turned 60 in July and believe I achieved that goal as I lost 2 stone in weight, feel fit as a fiddle, have dropped 2/3 dress sizes and achieved this by attending the fantastic classes at Lytham and St Annes YMCA, whilst […]

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