March 2022 - Fylde Coast YMCA Y:Active

Update on YMCA Kirkham 

YMCA Kirkham

Our aim is to keep you informed with any significant updates regarding YMCA Kirkham. Working with our contractors and insurers has been ongoing since high winds caused damage to the infrastructure and the roof at YMCA Kirkham.

As we mentioned previously, we are pleased to say that we are moving forward with the design and build of a new roof section at YMCA Kirkham and now anticipate the works being concluded during the summer.

The next stage will lead to a planning application in addition to more concrete timeframes that we will communicate with you.

We are also taking the […]

Price Changes – April 2022


We would like to let you know about some important changes to our prices. We value our customers here at YMCA and we never hide any price changes from our users.
To facilitate the impact of rising operational costs and natural inflation, we have to reflect this through slight price changes to some areas of our programme. Therefore, a number of price changes will come into affect from and following 1st April 2022.
We have been so grateful for the community support we have received. Whilst we recognise the effect of rising national inflation costs to […]